Equal Opportunities

Alpha Omega Securities Limited is committd to the provision of equality of opportunity for all and continues to formulate and implement policies and practices to support this. 

The achievement of Equal Opportunities is central to our mission to provide the highest level of security services to our customers. Our aim is to develop a wide range of skills and experience which cannot be found within any single specific group of people. In the pursuit of our aims we seek to create a service which is valued and which reflects and services the needs of the broader community in which we operate.

In the provision of equal opportunities, we realise and accept our responsibilities under the law. The policy also aims to reach beyond legislative boundaries to provide equality of opportunity regardless of age, colour, ethnic origin, family responsibility, gender, marital status, nationality, 'race,' religion, belief, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or disability.

Overall responsibility for equal opportunities within the scope of our activities lies with the Managing Director.

Management are responsible for ensuring that the Equal Opportunities Policy is implemented in their areas of responsibility.

We will ensure that all employees are made aware of the Equal Opportunities Policy. All employees and are responsible for ensuring that their actions are carried out in the terms of the policy and any related procedure.

This policy relates to all aspects of our activities, including advertisements, recruitment, pay, terms and conditions of service, training, redeployment, benefits, promotions, grievance and disciplinary procedures and assessment.

Any complaint made with regard to inequality shall be dealt with via our complaints procedure, bearing in mind the safeguarding of individuals.