The Cheshire Show


Cheshire County Show has now used the services of Alpha Omega Securities fo 5 years and in this time has developed an excellent working relationship with the company.

This has led to the developement and provision of a very efficient, firm, but friendly security function for the show.

The result has been that the Cheshire County Show has seen both a significant reduction in reported theft and an increase in gate revenue.

As Alpha Omega Securities has developed a sound knowledge of the needs of the show industry and offers a flexible and professional approach to the task in hand, I am very happy to recommend the company to those considering security matters in the future.

- Nigel Evans, Executive Director, Cheshire Agricultural Society - 24/05/2014

Smartfleet Solutions

For some years we used large well known national security companies, thinking that these would provide us with a better service, however we did not receive the same quality as Alpha Omega has proven to provide.  Alpha Omega has exceeded our expectations and actively submits suggestions on our security requirements.

Alpha Omega supply us with Grade A Guards who in the first instance, meet and greet all Visitors on our site an therefore create an important first impression and the Officers are very much part of our team and are professional throughout.

As part of their role, the Guards complete regular patrols on our 34 acre site, together with strict in/out barrier control and CCTV operations and both the Guards and ourselves are comfortable in the knowledge that we have the support of Ken Lawton and Steve Pointon should the need arrise.

In the time that we have worked with Alpha Omega, the relationship has proven to be tha of a success, ensuring our business is protected and the service so far has never been short of excellent.


- Darren Woodward (Operations Manager) - 24/05/2014

Harrison Cafe Bar

I have dealt with other security and door supervisor companies in other towns and cities and so I am in a position to compare their services.  The fact I am still with Alpha Omega Securities is probably the most relevant line in this reference.

- Mr J.A.Woddisse, Harrisons Café Bar Limited - 24/05/2014